Error executing from Java

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Error executing from Java

Сообщение LarryWalker » 19 дек 2017, 13:31


OO 3.3.0 on windows 7. I can run it well from program menu or shortcut, but when it executes from Java within code ( Runtime.getRuntime().exec("c:/Program Files (x86)/ 3/program/soffice.exe"); )
it fails with error window with text: "Fatal error. The Application cannot be started".
With "Process Monitor" util I find that OO tries writing in c:\wodows\\ dir, but fails (access denided).
I create this dir and give access on it for any user, but this action is not so good, I think.
Any suggestions?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References ... =6&t=47130

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